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NINE-NINE! I was tagged in a brand new tag by the lovely Meggan! It's based on the TV show Brooklyn Nine-Nine, which I only started watching last year but really love and enjoy the show! If you haven't watched it, make sure you do! Now...onwards to the tag! Jake Peralta; A protagonist that you can’t… Continue reading BOOK TAG – THE BROOKLYN NINE-NINE BOOK TAG

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Why ‘Love, Simon’ is important

Hello you lovely readers! Today, I want to tell you a little story about how a certain book became one of my favourites, and one that has since become a really wonderful film adaptation. I hope you'll enjoy... A couple of years ago, I started working in Waterstones. One shift, a colleague showed me a… Continue reading Why ‘Love, Simon’ is important

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BOOK REVIEW: It Only Happens In The Movies

This is the second Holly Bourne book I've read, and boy, does she know how to write accurate characters. It Only Happens In The Movies follows Audrey, who doesn't believe in love at first sight and hates romance movies after the unrealistic expectations they've given her for relationships. Her parents marriage has fallen apart - leaving… Continue reading BOOK REVIEW: It Only Happens In The Movies