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The HotKey #FantasyFeast

Last week, I was super lucky enough to be invited to the #FantasyFeast, hosted by HotKey Books. Set in a wonderfully grand location and celebrating new books from authors Holly Black, Sebastien de Castell and Alexandra Christo, the event was instantly something I would have to attend when I saw that Holly Black would be there!

I arrived at the event a little early – bumping into fellow bloggers Nicola and Olivia which was so lovely! I had a little look around the venue before we were able to be served drinks, an alcoholic cocktail with pomegranate seeds on top! It was quite nice but over far too quickly.

As bloggers filtered in, I saw lots of familiar faces that I know from Twitter and blogging, so was able to introduce myself in person and say hello. It was so nice to put faces to Twitter handles and to be able to talk in person! I ended up in a little group of the bloggers that I knew and was introduced to two new people too. We were then gathered by Tina, the publicist who organised the event, to be introduced to the authors and to take our seats for the feast! I was sat with a fair amount of people I knew and some I didn’t either which was great as I was able to talk to some new people!

My place card did have my name spelt wrong which was a bit of a giggle – I’ve not seen it spelt Lalya before! Could be a new Twitter name…

Food was had, discussions were joined and lots of topics brought up and spoken about. The food was lovely and I felt rather full afterwards! I blame the bread – I’m a sucker for bread! After this, we were able to get our books signed – did I mention we were lucky enough to be given goodie bags? Each one had a book from each of the authors; The Cruel Prince by Holly Black, To Kill A Kingdom by Alexandra Christo, and the entire Spellsinger series by Sebastien de Castell! It was so thoughtful and amazing for the publicists to give out such amazing goodie bags!

Holly was in a bit of a hurry to catch a flight so I wasn’t able to get a photo of her signing, but I did manage to get photos of Sebastien and Alexandra. Sebastien had an amazing clamp that embossed a design onto the signed page – he said it was so he knew that he had met people if he saw photos online, what a nice touch! Alexandra was lovely, and was more than happy to stand and have a chat with us about heroines in books.

I am so, so grateful that HotKey invited me to this blogger event. I absolutely cannot wait to go to another event like this as I had tons of fun and enjoyed every single second! Of course I was exhausted when I got home which meant plenty of time to chill out and look at the lovely goodies I received. Take a look below at some of the amazing books and check out that gorgeous tote bag!

#FantasyFeast goodies


7 thoughts on “The HotKey #FantasyFeast

  1. Looks like a fab event! I agree that it’s lovely at events when your able to finally meet bloggers and put twitter handles and pictures to actually faces and say hi! Glad you had a good time! x

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