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Female Empowerment

There are so many books lately championing and supporting female empowerment! It’s so inspiring to see young girls and boys pick these books up and learn about some amazing women of the world who truly shaped how we live today. Of course, this fight for equality still isn’t over, but I thought I’d take the time to celebrate how far things have come by looking at some amazing books all focused on female empowerment.


Good Night Stories For Rebel Girls


A firm favourite here – Rebel Girls has gone from strength to strength and has been loved by girls and boys of all ages. I get asked for it often at the bookshop I work in, and it’s always a pleasure to see children and adults open the pages and marvel at the illustrations and stories inside. This is an inspiring book, featuring women from all walks of life; pirates, politicians, engineers, scientists, artists, activists. Each double-page spread focused on one woman, and each page has a different illustration style so no two pages are the same! I absolutely adore this book and think that it’s such a strong book to have on your bookshelf.


Good Night Stories For Rebel Girls 2


Of course with the popularity of the first instalment, there had to be a second Rebel Girls book! This one has another huge amount of women featured, including names like BeyoncĂ©, J.K. Rowling, Beatrix Potter and Ellen Degeneres! It’s so inspiring to have books like these, especially with such a broad range of women featured.


Women In Science


These books are absolutely excellent! 50 female scientists are featured within the pages, alongside statistics, timelines and other interesting facts and figures. There’s biochemists, inventors, mathematicians, astronomers, and much much more. The illustrations are bold and bright, and each page features little memorable fact lines.

Women In Sport


Women In Sport is absolutely amazing! With the same format as Women In Science, this book features sports stars instead. There’s well-known names in this book like Simone Biles, Nicola Adams, Serena Williams and Ronda Rousey, and the book has a wide variation of different sports featured.

Rebel Voices


This book is absolutely beautiful, and is such a strong teaching tool to educate children how hard the fight for the right to vote was for women. The book is in timeline order, and starts from 1893 where women in New Zealand were granted the right to vote thanks to Kate Sheppard. Accompanied by gorgeous illustrations, the book packs a punch as it details what women in each country went through to secure the right to vote.


Bygone Badass Broads


Another excellent book to have on the shelf, Bygone Badass Broads features women who went against the system for everything they believed in, as well as lots of women I hadn’t ever heard of before! The book features 52 remarkable women who went above and beyond for equality, and really champions how they paved the way for women today.



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