#SixForSunday – Stuck in a lift…

Good morning! Today is another #SixForSunday post, hosted by the amazing Steph! Today, the prompt is characters I’d hate to be stuck in a lift with…Uh oh. There’s a few characters I dislike so…here we go!

  1. James Potter – Harry Potter
    Don’t hate me Abbey… but I am not too fussed on James Potter. I found him quite irritating and very much too heroic for me. Not a bad bone in his body!
  2. Prince IV – Saga
    God I hate this guy. He’s evil, cruel, racist and violent. Perfect to avoid being stuck in a lift with – I could think of nothing worse!
  3. Tris – Divergent series
    Divergent was awful. I remember Allegiant being one of the first books I didn’t finish. Tris was such a rubbish character – boring and so over-the-top cliche to the point where it was like she was trying so hard to be like Katniss. I think I’d scream if I was stuck in a lift with her.
  4. Jacob Black – Twilight series
    Jacob Black was annoying, clingy and possessive. Yeah Edward was possessive too, but I preferred the vampires which is why he just made it off this list. I think if I were trapped in a lift with him I would A) roast alive because wolf body heat, and B) stay tucked away so I wouldn’t have to talk to him.
  5. Jan Van Eck – Six of Crows
    Grr this absolute bastard! After how terribly he treats his wife and son, and then screws up the entire district for Kaz, he doesn’t deserve to have anything good. I’d despise being stuck in a lift with him.

I could only think of 5 this week! Which is pants – I’ll definitely make sure I have all six next Sunday!

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