#SixForSunday – Fictional Animals

Good morning! Today is another #SixForSunday post, hosted by the amazing Steph! This week, we’re discussing favourite fictional animals. Animal characters aren’t usually my favourites, but there have been some brilliant ones in books I’ve read!


  1. Fenestra the Magnificat – Nevermoor
    Fenestra is awesome. She’s sassy, proud, and incredibly elegant. She’s also a huge magical cat, so it’s obvious how utterly cool she is. Fenestra has a soft side underneath all of that fur, trust me.
  2. Pigwidgeon the owl – Harry Potter
    I’m still not over the fact Pig isn’t featured in the Harry Potter films. He’s such an annoying little squirt of an owl, which makes it even more hilarious that he belongs to Ron and insists on irritating him all the time. Pig is also a joy, and it was always comical to read him flying around people’s heads at a hundred miles an hour.
  3. Podkin – Podkin One-Ear
    Podkin is such a cool character – his growth is so wonderful to read! From a lazy, bratty rabbit, he really fights his fears and accepts his place in the world, while still trying to be as brave as he possibly can for his siblings.
  4. Bear – Rabbit & Bear
    Bear is so, so lovely. She’s a very motherly character, and makes sure to always try and calm Rabbit down if he’s having a tantrum (which is quite often). She’s so sweet too, and very eager to see the best in the other animals in the forest.
  5. Fang – Harry Potter
    Another Harry Potter character to grace the list – it’s the loveable Fang! Hagrid’s loveable pet dog reminds me of my cousins old boxer dog. A little bit dim, cuddly, and always with a trademark line of drool coming from his mouth.
  6. Shiva – The Walking Dead
    Shiva is a freaking TIGER. Does she need anything else?! A tiger in the zombie apocalypse is just so cool, and she’s very protective of her master Ezekiel. Plus she’s a tiger. ’nuff said.

Animals are always so good to have in stories! It’s nice when you’re reminded of a favourite pet, too. I’d love to hear your faves!

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