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BOOK REVIEW: The Fandom by Anna Day

I was a bit disappointed by this one. I had so much hype and excitement for this book, and what started out as quite interesting quickly seemed to unravel and I found myself disliking parts.

Violet and her friends are obsessed with popular book The Gallows Dance. They know the book off by heart, have seen the film dozens of times, and can’t wait to go to Comic-Con to meet the actors. But when a freak accident occurs, Violet, Alice, Katie and Nate are suddenly catapulted into the world of The Gallows Dance. Now they must tread carefully, making sure to keep the plot on the right track and complete the story in order to get home safely. But keeping the plot on the right track is easier said than done…

The Fandom is such an amazing idea for a book – which fan doesn’t want to get taken into the world of their favourite book/tv show/film? It definitely reminds the reader that these worlds can be dangerous and worrying, and that they aren’t for the faint of heart. The world of The Gallows Dance is a brutal one, it’s sole plot line being about breaking down discriminating boundaries. Violet, her brother and her friends get sent into the world and want nothing more than to escape with their lives.

There were certain things I liked about The Fandom. Nate was easily my favourite character; he was knowledgeable about the world they were in and was always trying to crack a smile. He seemed to be one of the only sources of happiness in the book! I also liked how visual the world of The Gallows Dance became; it was very raw and unfiltered, meaning that it was quite easy to picture the grubby world.

Unfortunately, there were parts of the book I just didn’t enjoy. The rest of the characters were at the top of this unenjoyment list. Violet, although adamant about how nice she was to her friends, was constantly making rude and sarcastic comments about Alice her supposed best friend. Alice herself was written to be quite a shallow individual, which was a shame as she turned into a stereotypical empty character. Katie, Violet’s new friend, was rude and irritating at times, and constantly used words that I ended up scratching my head over. Like honestly, ‘spermpiper’? ‘Spunkweasel’? It just became insanely cringeworthy the more these ridiculous words were used. And she kept using them!

Without spoiling it, the ending was a complete cop out. It was rushed towards the end, and the final few pages had me rolling my eyes. It was entirely implausible and felt like the author was rushing to complete the book, which was a shame as there was so much more that could have happened.

Final thoughts: A disappointing end to what was an exciting premise. 3/5

4 thoughts on “BOOK REVIEW: The Fandom by Anna Day

  1. I was so excited to read this but yours is the third review I’ve seen that’s said how disappointing and the characters weren’t the best. Think i’ll leave this one on my shelf for a bit longer!

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      1. Yeah it’s only been over the past week or so that I’ve seen negative reviews cropping up, but you’re definitely not alone! Same, I was really looking forward to it, I probably will read it at some point, just going to wait for a bit I think, read books I know I’m going to like!

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