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UKYA Blogger Awards Longlist

Wow. I think I’m still at a loss for words. Yesterday evening, I checked Twitter just briefly and had a huge number of notifications. Intrigued, I clicked and noticed that there was a ton of exciting stuff pouring in – the major thing being that I had been longlisted for the UKYABA 2018!

I’m still stunned – I’ve been longlisted for three categories!! It’s such a huge achievement for me, considering I only started blogging last year! I’m so excited, and it’s an honour to have been longlisted amongst such huge blogging talent! I thought I’d show you the ones I’ve been included in and tell you what they mean to me.

Champion Adult Blogger

The Champion Adult Blogger category is for bloggers aged 20+. To be put in this category is unbelievably amazing – there are bloggers in this category I love and look up to so to be alongside them is thrilling! I’m glad that I can be an inspiration for bloggers and readers who love YA, no matter their age!

Champion of Diversity

This category is the one that I think I might be the most happy over. Having diverse books is so important to me – as a teenager I hardly saw myself represented in books! It’s important to make sure people are represented properly in books, whether this be for different skin colours, religion, sexuality, disability, you name it. I’m always striving to represent these books on my blog, and to be recognised for doing so is a huge honour.

Best Newcomer (0-2 years)

Having only started by blog in June/July of 2017, I’d like to think that I’ve posted quite a bit along this time! Reviews, book tags, adoration for certain books, and I’m always striving to do more. I’ve got a few things up my sleeve for the blog this year to be announced once planned, but this is so amazing to have been longlisted in this category when I’ve been blogging a short time! I’m thrilled that people like my blog and enjoy my content, which is all I want! If people smile when they read my post, or I give them an idea for a new book to read, I’m happy!

So there you have it! I’m still SO EXCITED, thrilled and thankful for everyone who put my name forward for this amazing award. To the publishers, authors, bloggers and followers who put my name forward for these categories, I am thankful to each and every one of you. This is a huge, huge achievement for my blog and I’m just so happy.

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