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The Animal Crossing Tag

I’ve been hunting high and low for some really good tags to complete on my blog, and how lucky was I to find this one! The Animal Crossing Tag was created by Mckenzie over at Bookish Things and Tea – be sure to check her out! She also created all of the amazing graphics that go with this tag which are absolutely adorable.


  • Please link back to the original creator of the tag,ย Bookish Things and Tea.
  • Answer the following Animal Crossing themed book questions.
  • Feel free to use my graphics, but please donโ€™t take credit for them.
  • Tag some friends to spread the love!

There are loads of classics that I feel like I should read. Once upon a time, I would have felt terrible for not having read certain books, but life is too short to read things that make me bored. There’s always one that has stuck on my list; Animal Farm. I really want to read this one, and I’ve seen an animated version of it which was shocking, so I want to read the book and compare!

I tend to read a lot of standalone books, which makes these sorts of questions really hard. However, I think the second volume of Saga definitely has to be my favourite second book. Hello, Marko is on the cover! How could I not choose Marko?!

This is easy; Six Of Crows! Ketterdam is huge, dark, and somewhat disturbing. It’s perfect for Kaz Brekker to go about his schemes or hide away somewhere safe in this city, especially in the places nobody thinks to look…

The best new release I’ve recently read has to be, by far, The Cruel Prince by Holly Black. Although it’s only the first new release I’ve read this year, it is absolutely amazing and I think I’m hooked! The unfortunate thing is now I’ll have to wait a whole year for the next book…

This is a tough one; there are lots of books that have been by my side through lots of things. I’ve had a think and decided that it has to be Chicken Soup For The Teenage Soul.ย It’s a collection of stories and poems all about different subjects, and my mum bought it for me when I was going through a tough time at school. The book will never leave my possession.

This definitely has to be A Darker Shade Of Magic! There are tons of characters within this book, and each one is hugely different from each other. Kell is mysterious, Lila is fierce, and Rhy is just wonderful and I love him dearly.

An unpopular opinion, but for me it has to be The Loneliest Girl In The Universe. I couldn’t stand this book at all, and actually put it down while halfway through because I felt like I was dragging myself through it. I persisted about a month later and wish that I’d left it at the bottom of the pile.

I don’t actually read historical books, fiction or nonfiction…Oops! They’re just not the genre for me, so I don’t tend to pick them up!

I’m leaving this one open for the tags – feel free to answer the questions yourself over on your own blog! Make sure to credit the original creator!

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