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BOOK REVIEW: The Cruel Prince

I’ve had a strong start to 2018 – this is the second book I’ve read and it was utterly brilliant! Considering the fact that I woke my friend up shouting and swearing over a particularly shocking scene, I think it’s safe to say this was a brilliant read. Huge thanks to HotKey for sending me a copy to review!

Jude has lived in Faerie practically all her life, ever since she and her sisters were taken from her mortal home after witnessing the murder of her parents. Now living with Madoc, the faerie who commited the murder, Jude and her mortal sister Taryn face mockery from the Fey. With no magic and a target for glamours, they are vulnerable. Jude wants nothing more than to become a knight of the Royal Court to prove that she has strength. However, to succeed in the world of Faerie, she has to be as cunning, as deceitful, and even as cruel as the rest of the Fey. Perhaps as cruel as Prince Cardan, the youngest of the royals who seems to have a personal vendetta against Jude. Jude must tread carefully if she wants to survive in this world…

Although this book started off a little slow, it was worth the build up to have the twists and turn jolt my stomach. The Cruel Prince is beautifully built, and Holly Black has done a tremendous job of making an enchanting and enticing world. It’s easy to get carried away into the world of Faerie as many other mortals in the book have done. With politics, monarchy, and a little bit of bloodshed, Faerie is a dangerous place. The last ten chapters of the book are full of shocks, twists and turns, and even when I thought I was expecting something, an entirely different thing happened to completely throw me off. They are dramatic, shocking, and oh so wonderfully perfect for Faerie. I still can’t get over what happened, and how quickly things turned sour.

Jude was a very well crafted character, and you could really see her internal struggle with her humanity and her giving in to the Fey. It definitely seems harder the further you get into the book for her to actually know who she is any more. Of course, other characters will have you led to believe one thing about them, only to break that further down the line. Is Taryn as nice as she seems? What’s up with Vivi? And does Prince Cardan have a nice bone in his body? So many questions! Without giving away spoilers, the title of this book is really clever. You’re led to believe who the cruel Prince actually is, but is it who you initially thought? I’ll leave that up to you to decide.

Final thought: Faerie politics + dramatic scenes = I NEED THE NEXT BOOK IN THE SERIES! 5/5


8 thoughts on “BOOK REVIEW: The Cruel Prince

  1. I really liked reading this review. I have not read many reviews about this book yet, but it seems SO GOOD. I am really excited to read this one ❤


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