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BOOK REVIEW: Almost Midnight by Rainbow Rowell

Thanks to MyKindaBook for sending me this copy through a competition!


This book was short and sweet. Consisting of two short stories, it was easy to read this quickly. The cover is beautiful and the inside illustrations are absolutely wonderful. I loved the style of them and was pleased when there was a new illustration on the page because I could look at it for ages and ages.

I only really liked one story though. The first story, Midnights, was about a girl called Mags and a boy called Noel. Noel never seemed to realise that Mags was in love with him, and Mags seemed content to wait around for him to make the first move. Told over a few years – all of a New Years Eve party – Midnights seemed quite choppy in its storytelling – there were lots of he was/she was/they were constantly being repeated, and it just didn’t make me feel sucked into the story at all. By the time it ended, I was quite pleased to move onto the second story.

Kindred Spirits was the second story, and the writing was a lot better and the story was far more entertaining. Elena is a huge Star Wars fan – despite never seeing the prequels – and now that there’s a new film in the saga, she’s camping out for it! She expects huge lines, friends for life and crowds of eager Star Wars fans – but the reality is two other people in the line that lasts three days. Swallowing her disappointment, Elena decides to still camp out. What follows is a heart-warming little story about being passionate about something, while also making memories to last a lifetime. What I loved the most about this one was although it was nothing like Elena expected, she still ended up having the time of her life.

Almost Midnight is a really gorgeous book – as I said before, the illustrations are gorgeous. Simini Blocker is definitely one to watch, and I hope to see more of her art on book covers and much more. That being said, I only liked one of the two stories!

Final thought: Beautifully presented, but only one of the stories was for me! 3/5

8 thoughts on “BOOK REVIEW: Almost Midnight by Rainbow Rowell

  1. This book is on my Christmas Reads list. The cover looks gorgeous (I love your photo of it with the lights) and I’m looking forward to reading it myself. And hopefully, it won’t take me too long as it’s so short (and I’m a slow reader!) x

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  2. Nice and honest review. I think I am not going to buy this book, since I have already read Kindred Spirits a year ago! I thought it were two completely new stories, but I think it’s unfortunate that one was already published earlier..

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