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BOOK REVIEW: Here We Are by Oliver Jeffers

Thank you so much to Harper Collins for sending me a copy of this beautiful Oliver Jeffers book! It is truly gorgeous!

Here We Are by Oliver Jeffers is essentially a young child’s guidebook for life on earth. Written for his son in the first two months since his birth, Jeffers lays out a simple guide on life on earth – what the planet is made of, the different types of land, and the creatures that inhabit it. Full of his iconic illustrations, the images are labelled with helpful descriptions and explanations –  there’s a particularly beautiful page all about the sky, the stars, and the planets that I absolutely adored. My favourite pages have to be the human and animal pages – with two double page spreads full of lots of different people and many species of animals – from a tiny ladybird right up to a huge whale!

This is easily one of Oliver Jeffers’ most beautiful books, fiercely rivalling Lost and Found for how gorgeous the inside of the book is. The story is simple but strong, but the artwork is what truly makes this book a stunning read. I spent a good while on each page taking every detail in to make sure I hadn’t missed anything. Make sure to take a peek under the dust jacket too for an extra surprise!

Final thought: A gorgeous Earth guide for youngsters from a brilliant talent. 5/5

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