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Why I’m Excited For…

This week, I’m talking about…


Fandoms. Fans. Cosplay. Comic con. Super-intense-love-for-characters. If it exists, there’s most likely a fandom behind it. If you haven’t seen any sort of fandom, please let me know so I can help you out from underneath the rock you’re under. Fandoms are everywhere, and now there’s going to be a book about fandoms?! YES. PLEASE.

The Fandom snatches Violet and her friends from Comic-Con and plunges them into the world of their favourite fictional world. Now it’s up to them to get the plot back on track and get back to the real world. Sounds amazing right? Not when the world of The Gallows Dance is a society split by race and the characters are on the edge of a revolution. Violet has to step into the shoes of the main character and try to go with the flow of the world – but will her prior knowledge of the world be a help or a hindrance?

Chicken House were wonderful enough to send this book over for a review, and I’ve mentioned it before here on the blog. It’s so exciting to have this awesome book on my TBR pile, and I can’t wait to get transported into the world of The Fandom.

The Fandom releases on January 4th 2018 – so get your early access passes now and pre-order this beauty! For now, get to work on that fanart in preparation of release day!

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