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WUNDERKIDS Blog Tour: Collectibles

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Today on the blog, we have a very special guest! Jacqueline Silvester is the author of Wunderkids, and I’m part of the blog tour. I’ll be interviewing Jacqueline about collections – which feature a few times in the book! So, without further ado, lets start things off. Hello, Jacqueline!

Hi Layla!

The focus of this interview will be collections. I adore collections, and it’s so intriguing to see what other people collect. Is there anything you like to collect?

I like to collect old books (mainly children’s books,) the most impressive items in my collection is an early edition of Tales of Christopher Robin, and a very old copy of Cyrano De Bergerac.

My family is Russian and half of them are writers so I have a much more impressive collection of Russian children’s books that they’ve given me over the years, first editions, leather bound classics and all that.

I have a small collection of pop vinyls too, small because my husband said I have to stop buying bobble heads… and I think he might be right.

Those all sound absolutely amazing! Especially the early edition of Tales of Christopher Robin! Speaking of Pop Vinyls….what’s your favourite one that you own?

My favourite is Hagrid, because they made him oversize and he just looms over all my other HP Funkos.

When I was little I collected stationery, in particular stationery with the character Diddl on it (I lived in Germany at the time and it was very popular to trade Diddl stationary) I also collected textured stickers and had dozens of stickers full with them.

I have a huge collection of stickers, but never use them…I wonder sometimes about what collections book characters may have. What do you think your characters would collect?

Nikka- It’s revealed in book two that Nikka collected snow globes before she started moving too much, at which point she switched to postcards. She struggles with moving and the mementos from each place keep her going.

Sums- Sums collects comic books, video games and vintage gaming accessories, although his budget limits his collector aspirations.

Stella- Stella collects Laduree kewpie dolls and Disney princess paraphernalia, and Pandora charms.

Amber- Amber collects fairy themed objects. She also has an impressive collection of crystals and tarot decks.

Tristan- (A.K.A Quinn) collected Swiss army knives back home in Ireland, he also likes to keep casino chips from casinos he’s visited (and where he’s won.)

Izaya- doesn’t collect anything. He collected basketball cards when he was child until it was all thrown away one day during a spring clean. He never collected again.

In the book, it’s mentioned that Nikka’s mother owns a collection of interesting hats. What’s the most interesting thing you think a collection could be made of?

I have met people with all sorts of bizarre collections… taxidermy springs to mind. Porcelain doll collections freak me out. One of my neighbors collects all things clown and even though it’s an interesting collection I am also terrified of it (no sleepovers for me, thank you!) In the states you meet a lot of people who collect weird and large items (because they have so much storage space) like tractors, car parts, old playground pieces, vintage gas station parts etc…

I know quite a few people who collect communist artifacts and World War 2 medals, which is interesting. I think the most interesting collection I can imagine (a collection I would want to see with my own eyes) would be one of rare children’s books with hand drawn illustrations, or vintage couture, or a collection of famous writer’s notebooks with the notes intact, that would super cool.

Thank you so much, Jacqueline! It’s been great having you on the blog!

What did you all think? Do you guys have any favourite collections? Let me know in the comments!

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