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Why I’m Excited For…

Hello lovelies! It’s time for a new feature on the blog – excitement centred around new books! This should (hopefully) be a weekly instalment, so make sure to check back every week to hear my chat about upcoming releases.

This week, I’m talking about…


Almost a week ago, I read Six of Crows which was my first look into the Grishaverse. I became enchanted, bowled over by the brilliance of Bardugo’s world building skills and these gritty characters with dirty backstories, vices, and underlying demons. So when I caught a glimpse of The Language of Thorns over on Twitter, I became enchanted again. Set within the Grishaverse, the book is a collection of six tales of magic, romance and betrayal. Inspired by fairytales and folklore, each story is illustrated on every single page – and that’s where the magic truly comes to life. As you go through the pages, the illustrations grow. GROW! It’s mesmerising.

I love reading fairytales and mythology, and can’t wait to properly read the book and have the spell cast over me. There are mermaids, foxes, wolves, witches, and soldiers all within the pages, and will most likely be enjoyed in a cosy room in a castle to stay safe from the howling winds. Plus if you look at the back, there’s a gorgeous map. If you follow me on Twitter, you know I LOVE a good map…

The Language of Thorns is released today (26th September) – you’ll find it in a great bookshop for a small stack of kruge…or for £12.99 if you’re shopping outside of Ketterdam.

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