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BOOK REVIEW: George by Alex Gino

I’m always excited to read new LGBT+ books, and soon I’ll be writing a blog post of my favourite LGBT+ books that I’ve read. ‘George‘ by Alex Gino will be featuring on this post; it’s written for a middle grade audience too, rather than the norm of young adult.

George‘ focuses on George herself, a ten year old girl whose biggest dream is to act as Charlotte in the class production of ‘Charlotte’s Web‘. She loves the character and her elegant importance to Wilbur’s story. But her teacher says that George isn’t allowed to even try out as Charlotte…because George is a boy.  Although George knows for sure that she is a girl, the outside world sees a boy. With best friend Kelly’s help, George comes up with a plan. A plan to become her favourite character in the play – and to show everyone who she truly is.

George uses female pronouns throughout the book, which is very important as it allows the reader to truly understand the discomfort George is in. We see a day in the life of George; having to deal with her older brother, her slightly distant mum, the boys at school who shout abuse at her. We also see her dealing with the realisation at being transgender; hiding makeup and fashion magazines in her wardrobe, combing her hair differently when in the safety of the bathroom, and wishing to be the female character in the play as it feels more natural than a male character. The small acts are so important to her, as it allows her to feel like the girl she knows she is.

I enjoyed ‘George‘, and liked how it was written for a younger audience to gain a better understanding of transgender individuals. The writing was a little bit more basic that what I usually read, but I think that still really worked well so that children aged 9 and up can understand without being overwhelmed with terminology.

‘George’ is an important little book for young people – whether they are experiencing gender dysphoria, are transitioning, or even if they want to read a story that will further their understanding. It’s important for young people to have representation in books, and whether this book is for them or a friend, ‘George’ will be a great recommendation for all ages.

Final thoughts: A great little book about following what is true in your heart and mind – 4/5.

4 thoughts on “BOOK REVIEW: George by Alex Gino

  1. I was going to buy this the other day and now regret not picking up! Great review and can’t wait to give it a read myself when I go back to buy it!

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