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For the first time, I’ll be attending the Young Adult Lit Con – or YALC for short! I’m really excited to go to a convention that’s all about books! I’ll be attending on the Saturday.

I’ve seen lots of people planning what they’re going to be doing, how many books that they’re taking to be signed, and lots more. I only have two books on my list that I want to get signed, so my main focus is to enjoy myself. My best friend Stacey will be coming along with me, so I won’t be alone in my nerd moments! We’ll be popping over to the London Film and Comic Con too during the event, so hopefully we’ll be able to grab some cool comics and she can teach me more and more about Star Trek!

I hope that I can find lots of new samples of books, new releases, and maybe a bit of merch too! Bookmarks and badges are cool, and I like to have a lot of those so it’ll be nice to grab those. I want to grab some comics from the LFCC side of the convention, and perhaps if you recognise me from Twitter we can say hello!

The most important thing I want to get from YALC is a good time. I’m looking forward to just being in the environment and getting a few goodies to take home, and then doing the all important task of putting everything on my bed and grinning at my convention haul.

What are your plans for YALC? Let me know if you’re attending!

5 thoughts on “YALC!

  1. Hope you have a fab time Layla! I live too far away and I think I’d struggle too much with health stuff, but it sounds amazing and I’m so sad I won’t be able to get any of the proofs that’ll be there (especially the Laura Steven one, which sounds like EXACTLY my sort of book) 😦
    Amy x


  2. I hope you have an amazing time! Unfortunately I can’t go this year but I went last year and it was FANTASTIC! I had so much fun, and there is so much to do there! Can’t wait to hear what you did there and what happens! x

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