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Short one this evening! I was able to read this with thanks to NetGalley!

This graphic novel was brilliant – I went through so many emotions reading it, from anxiety, to hope, and then love. It is a brilliant portrayal of conflicting thoughts, and really makes you question whether what you’re doing can actually help or hinder others. The story follows Anda, a girl who begins playing an MMORPG with an all female guild.Things are going well, and she starts making friends, until one day she goes along on a mission to make real money. It soon spirals out of control when she meets a gold farmer – whose job it is to illegally collect items and sell them for gold. Real life merges with online and things begin to get messy.

The artwork in this graphic novel is stunning, and the transition between real life and the online is an interesting way to show how people portray themselves online. Even the question asked at the beginning made me think; “How many of you play girls?”. When I play video games, many times I’ve used a male avatar and I don’t really know why. It made me stop and think about changing my mind. That’s not to say I don’t have my fair share of badass female avatars – I have my queens – but it definitely made me think more about gaming.

A brilliant graphic novel to make you think about others around you, while also observing your own reactions to situations. Great moral of the story too.

Final thought: Thoughtful and intriguing paired with gorgeous illustrations. 4/5

2 thoughts on “BOOK REVIEW: In Real Life

  1. This looks so good! I haven’t read many graphic novels before because I don’t really know what I’ll like but this one sounds fantastic! I’ll have to add it to my TBR! Marie (Lots of Livres) xx

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