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BOOK REVIEW: Simply The Quest

You’re simply the quest! Better than all the rest!


Last night, I finished Simply The Quest. I nearly cried. I won’t spoil the ending for anyone – I’m not Thanatos, jeez. But I cannot believe what happened, so you’ll have to read this amazing beauty so we can all talk about it!

Simply The Quest is Maz Evans’ next book in her debut series – Who Let The Gods Out came first at the beginning of 2017 and I fell in love immediately. Who can say no to Greek Gods, rib tickling adventures, and a ninja Queen?

Maz is a genius, and she does it all again in this next book, which sees Elliot and his companions searching for the next Chaos Stone while Virgo tries desperately to complete a quest in order to get her kardia back and become immortal once again. There’s more of a sad undertone to STQ, as Elliot’s mum seems to be getting sicker and Elliot can’t keep up with keeping her safe. He is also plagued by thoughts of Thanatos and the dark deal he offered during WLTGO. When a mysterious letter arrives at the door and sends Josie into a panic, Elliot is confused. What is she hiding from him? And why is there a sudden need to keep the doors locked?

We meet more Gods and Underworld members in this instalment too – Nyx is truly terrifying with her talons, while Hades brings some extra laughs with his Godfather-esque portrayal. What I loved most about STQ has to be Hermes. In WLTGO, he was playful and excitable with a ton of free spirit – all of this is still here, of course. Hermes has become more of a brotherly figure to Elliot, and has his back throughout the entire book. The chapter of Elliot’s birthday is beautiful and really shows how important the bond for Elliot is, especially growing up without any siblings and almost growing up too quickly with the responsibility of mums care on his shoulders. My favourite quote comes from this chapter too, and really stuck with me after I read it a few times.

“‘You see, bruv?’ whispered Hermes. ‘Even the darkest night lights up again.'”

Full of adventure that will get your heart racing, as well as a particularly hilarious chapter with the entire royal family (Prince George makes a fantastic appearance), Simply The Quest is a great continuation of the series. We are with Elliot every step of the way, and his internal battle is clear throughout as he works through his frustrations with the clumsy help of the Gods. But surely, everything will work out alright in the end! …Right?

Final thought: Bosh-tastic and brilliant! 5/5


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