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I’m bananas about Noah!

Seriously – I don’t think I can stop loving this book. Every time I see anything remotely banana related, I’m taking a photo and tweeting it to the author (sorry, Simon!). I think Noah Can’t Even has to be one of the funniest books I’ve read all year.

I usually like to read books with a more serious tone, with maybe one or two giggles thrown in. But Noah is such a breath of fresh air, it made me consider that I’d been missing some real gems of funny titles!

Noah Can’t Even is a brilliant new title for YA LGBT+ literature. It’s hilarious and relatable, while at the same time managing to be reassuring to readers. Noah is unsure about his sexuality – is he gay? Does he fancy Harry? Or is this just a big misunderstanding? It’ll resonate with teenagers who have also gone through that stage of questioning themselves, and Noah’s internal thoughts will relate to them on a personal level. I love the humour too – during book club we all cringed over the awkward tea making scene (read it, you’ll share the same feeling).

Read it, love it, then wait patiently for the sequel because we seriously need it. Also can we have a book all about Harry?  *hint hint*


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