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The sun is out! YAY!!

Okay, that might not be that much of a big deal, but here in the UK our season of summer is usually a seesaw of incredibly scorching heat or torrential downpours of rain. Thankfully, we’ve seen some lovely sunny days this week so I was able to catch some rays while reading outside!

I’ve been reading this brilliant collaboration graphic novel that I picked up last month at ComicCon (I’m a sucker for illustration so I had to buy this immediately). The comics inside are illustrated versions of traditional fables; this particular book being the Asia edition. They also do an African edition and a European edition, so I can’t wait to grab those. Each one is illustrated by somebody different, which can be a little jarring if I fell in love with a particular style. Regardless, I’m enjoying reading the different fables and learning while I read!

So while I sit and soak up the sun, it’s got me thinking all about different fables and fairytales – what’s your favourite?

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